An Unofficial Call to "Arms", By the People, For the People.


Businesses and employees in the hospitality/retail industries are suffering due to the coronavirus pandemic. So is our quality of life and mental health in general.

There are different opinions on how to address the coronavirus pandemic. Regardless, COVID vaccinations are the BEST OPTION available to us for our economy, our people, our nation to move forward. Please trust and have faith in the medical experts’ advice, as you would your own doctor.

CORONAVIRUSUX so LET'S get the COVID Vaccine and GET THE LITTLE PR!CK once and for all! Together we can roll up our sleeves and get the jab done!

OUR AIM is to mobilise the unsure and the fence sitters into vaccination clinics in coming months and gain momentum in this battle against coronavirus.

To support this momentum please purchase a GET THE LITTLE PR!CK product to use in a positive promotion of this Unofficial COVID vaccination movement on Our CVSUX Group Page, Social Media, in public (if permissible in your country) or anywhere else you can think of. Grab a poster/shirt/mug online and display/wear/drink from it with a positively cheeky spin on the coronavirus vaccination. We also have BASEBALL CAPS, FACE MASKS & STUBBY COOLERS!!

AND REMEMBER a share of profits will go to Healthcare Worker supporting funds because Every HEALTH WORKEROX!!

We appreciate your patronage, please stay safe and #GetTheLittlePrick