Worldwide, a light at the end of the coronavirus tunnel is the Health Worker. Out in the community testing for COVID and vaccinating to prevent it. In the hospitals, dedicated to caring for the infected. The coronavirus does not rest, so the Health Worker does not rest to the point of exhaustion and beyond each day.

They are the bright side to the dark side and that is why Every HEALTH WORKEROX. Traditionally the O and X represents a hug and kiss. With our HEALTH WORKEROX products we deservedly present to every Health Worker a loving hug O and kiss X. We also have BASEBALL CAPS, FACE MASKS & STUBBY COOLERS!!

When you rock you are great...or wonderful, fantastic, magnificent, excellent, terrific, cool, groovy and good according to Microsoft Word Thesaurus. But let us not forget every Health Worker is humble, modest, unpretentious and unassuming in their work.

People the world over should celebrate the fact that Every HEALTH WORKEROX and their part in this infamous fraction of mankind’s history should not be forgotten.

AND REMEMBER a share of profits will go to Healthcare Worker supporting funds because Every HEALTH WORKEROX!!

We appreciate your patronage, please stay safe and remember #EveryHealthWorkerox