We sell quality T-shirts, mugs, posters and more featuring our CORONAVIRUSUX and HEALTH WORKEROX brands. Behind each product there are people earning a living, from the print technician to the delivery person.

As a Global store powered by Shopify our products are produced and shipped from Print Providers in over 30 countries. There is strict quality and COVID safety control in place at every step of production. All products are listed in US dollars, currency converter is available.

Each product listing will start with Origin (USA, EUROPE, AUS/NZ & GLOBAL) so you know which product to choose for domestic shipping. Use the "AUS/USA/EUROPE Shipped Products" menu items to view goods nearest your location. Buying products located close to where you live will save you shipping costs and time.  

Use our products at home in isolation, shopping for essentials, while exercising or wherever you may be. Wear it on SOCIAL MEDIA, join our public FACEBOOK GROUP and express why #coronavirusux for you. The expression of your feelings on the COVID-19 pandemic starts with one word....CORONAVIRUSUX!


CORONAVIRUSUX is the home of HEALTH WORKEROX. These are the dark-light yin and yang of this epic battle.

Each purchase helps these Health Worker funds supporting the coronavirus pandemic frontline fighters :

Cavell Nurses' Trust UK  |  Direct Relief COVID-19 Fund USA  | 

Beyond Blue Healthcare Worker Support Australia 

A share of sale profits will go to these funds. However you can DO SOMETHING MORE ABOUT IT. Follow the advice of your country’s government/health experts and DO NOT DEVIATE from their explicit instructions. Reach out and communicate with those close to and known to you, ask R U OK in these intensely difficult times for everyone. Importantly, do not overlook your own wellbeing. Regularly ask yourself if U R OK too.

All at CORONAVIRUSUX sincerely appreciate your Global support.